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Planetary Dunes Workshop - First Announcement and Call for Participation

2008-04-28 to 2008-05-02 : Chihuahua Desert of Southern New Mexico

Sand dunes and other aeolian bedforms are a prominent part of landscapes shaped by wind action on several bodies in our solar system. Despite the three decades of study of these features, many questions regarding their composition and sediment sources, morphology, age and origins, and dynamics under present and past climatic conditions remain poorly understood. Recently acquired data from orbiters and rovers together with innovative approaches using terrestrial analogues and numerical models are beginning to provide new insights into martian sand dunes, as well as aeolian bedforms on other terrestrial planetary bodies (e.g. Titan).
We propose to hold a workshop incorporating oral and poster presentations as well as extended discussion dispersed around a one-day field trip to dunes at White Sands National Monument. The workshop will bring together researchers with interests in planetary dunes from diverse backgrounds in image analysis, modeling, and terrestrial analogue studies. A small group setting will facilitate intensive discussion of problems and issues in an attempt to identify the most promising approaches to understanding these dune systems and to develop a collaborative interdisciplinary research agenda. The workshop will produce a white paper outlining the current status of planetary aeolian dune research and identifying key areas for future research.
Participation will be limited to a relatively small group, so please indicate your interest and willingness to attend the workshop by responding promptly below. Further details on the venue and costs will be sent to those who respond to this announcement. Please submit a notice of intent for each person who may attend.
The Organizing Committee:
Tim Titus and Rose Hayward, USGS
Mary Bourke, PSI
Nick Lancaster, DRI
Lori Fenton, NASA Ames Research Center