Classification of Dunes

A detailed classification of dunes in currently in works. However, we have summarized current classifications below. You can find more information on terrestrial dune classification at

[Barchan Type]
Abbreviation: B
Crescent in plan view, 1 slipface (McKee, 1979)
[Barchanoid Type]
Abbreviation: Bd
Row of connected crescents in plan view, 1 slipface (McKee, 1979)
[Transverse Type]
Abbreviation: T
Asymmetrical ridge, 1 slipface (McKee, 1979)
[Linear Type]
Abbreviation: L
Symmetrical ridge, 2 slilpfaces (McKee, 1979)
[Star Type]
Abbreviation: S
Central peak with 3 or more arms, 3 or more slipfaces (McKee, 1979)
[Dome Type]
Abbreviation: D
Circular or elliptical mound, no slipfaces (McKee, 1979)
Sand Sheet
[Sand Sheet Type]
Abbreviation: SS
Sheetlike with broad, flat surface, no slipfaces (McKee, 1979)

Currently Unclassified Dunes

The following are dune types that haven't yet been classified. This is typically due to lack of suitably detailed images.

[Unclassified Type] [Unclassified Type] [Unclassified Type] [Unclassified Type] [Unclassified Type]