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Welcome to the Consortium. This website is a gathering place for members of the consortium. The consortium consists of members from the U.S. Geological Survey, Arizona State University, NASA Ames Research Center, and The Planetary Science Institute. This website is a valuable resource for all studies that pertain to Martian dunes. Here you can find information about what kinds of dunes there are, where they are found, what kind of catalog is being created to record dune types and locations, where you can get data from various instruments that image dunes, and who you can contact if you have questions about dunes. Also be sure to check out the frequently asked questions, glossary, K-12 links, and most importantly, the abstracts section.

In the above image of Mars, the yellow dots are actually outlines of the Digital Dune Database footprints as of January 30, 2007. Special thanks to National Geographic for the base map.